We believe in the healing properties of food.

Nourishing our bodies is intricately & intimately connected with nourishing our planet.

To achieve a future where all people have access to products that nourish and heal their bodies, we must care for our planet so that it is nourished and healthy too.

We want you to enjoy Agni’s products not only for their taste and healing benefits, but also because you can trust that we created each item with our planet in mind.

Sustainability Highlights

All of our supply chain decisions — from the ingredients we source to the packaging we use to how we ship our products — impact our planet. We are responsible for ensuring that every step of our supply chain aligns with our beliefs and values.

Our Sustainable Packaging Practices:

  • 100% of packaging is recyclable & compostable
  • 60% of packaging made in the USA
  • No strings and staples on tea sachets, making them fully compostable

To learn more, explore Agni’s Packaging Journey

Our Sustainable Ingredient Practices:

  • 100% plant based
  • No gluten, dairy, artificial flavors, sweeteners, fillers, or additives
  • 66% of products are USDA Organic certified; goal to be at 100% by 2022

To learn more, explore Agni’s Ingredient Sourcing Journey

We Commit to Transparency with Our Community

We are committed to sharing our sustainability journey and the progress we are making to be in full alignment with our values in the form of blog posts & detail on our shop pages.

Through our commitment to transparency, we hope to build momentum towards food systems that uplift & nourish, both people and the planet. To do this, we educate our community about the challenges we face within our food supply chain and how we solve them & we create space to continuously learn from people we meet along the way!

To learn more, explore our blog’s sustainability section and follow us on Instagram.