Agni’s medical ADVISORY BOARD —

All of our healing foods and drinks are created in collaboration with our Medical Advisory Board, which spans experts from many different disciplines. We seek their guidance to ensure everything we create is as healing as it is delicious. 

How we collaborate with Medical Advisors on product development


We start with a life moment (e.g. postpartum recovery or better sleep) that we want to support.


Our Medical Advisors offer input on the best wisdom and research available in their fields when it comes to supporting this life moment. This includes nutrients and foods that have been shown to support this moment as well as broader habits and experiences that may nourish someone through that moment. 


We see where our Medical Advisors’ recommendations overlap and turn the list of agreed upon ingredients and intentions into delicious foods and drinks.  


The wise and brilliant practitioners on our Medical Advisory Board


Suhas Kshirsagar, MD

Founder, Ayurvedic Healing, Author: Change Your Schedule Change Your Life

Integrative Medicine

Eve Henry, MD

Stanford Residency, Director, PAMF Integrative Care


Manisha Kshirsagar, MD

Esthetician, Director,
Ayurvedic Healing


Sarah Buscho

CEO Earth tu Face

Integrative Medicine

Manas Kshirsagar, MS

Physician, Blogger:


Tammy Chang

Nutrition Coach, Author: The
Nourished Belly

Anthropology of Food Medicine

Gina Bria

Author: Quench, Founder: The Hydration Foundation