Like sending a hug —

Life is full of moments to share – good ones and tough ones alike. Sometimes those we love live right next door, and sometimes they live thousands of miles away. In either case, our bundles are a thoughtful, tasty way to send joy and good health to those you love.

Through the mail




Pick Your Favorites

All of our products are giftable, but we find that our Life Moment Boxes are the most popular way to share Agni with a loved one. The boxes we offer today are:

>> The New Mom Box (for the best friend / sister / colleague / neighbor / teammate in your life who recently had a baby and could use some support!)

>> The Health Booster Box (for anyone in your life who could use or would appreciate immunity-strengthening treats)

>> The Better Periods Box (for your sister / friend / girlfriend dealing with painful periods, bloating, acne, fatigue, or any other PMS symptoms)

>> The Seed Cycling Box (for your friend navigating hormonal imbalance, e.g. infertility or PCOS)

P.S. Treating yourself is always a worthwhile gift :)


Include a Gift Note

Make sure you include your special message and select “Save Gift Note’’ in checkout. Writer’s block? Follow us at @agniforall on Instagram and look out for some of our favorite gift notes for inspiration :)


Split the Bill

Go in on a gift with friends! We are working on adding a "Split the Bill" option at checkout. For now, Venmo is our go-to :)

Our favorite gifts right now

Agni Moments —

Chrissie’s New Mom Box

Momma bear, loyal friend, self-proclaimed hair stylist

"It feels like there’s a constant flooding of baby presents with a newborn, so when a box actually came with my name on it l was FLOORED! My husband and I opened the box together because it felt so special. It was so much fun to pick up each product and get excited about all the health benefits."

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Agni Moments —

Maria's Better Periods Box

Mother, family doctor, voracious baker, Disney enthusiast

"My little sister sent me Agni’s Better Periods Box when I was 6 months into failed conception attempts, with a note that said the cookies and seasonings also support fertility. Around the same time, I’d started incorporating yoga into my weekly routine, mostly for the stress relief. Who knows for sure what did the trick, but a month after starting my daily cookie and seasoning ritual, I got pregnant."

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