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Current openings are listed below.

Please email if any of these roles suit your experience and career goals with (1) why you’re excited about Agni and (2) a strength you’re excited to share with the team.

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Join Agni's Medical Advisory Board

Seeking Wise, Compassionate, Expert Healers to Join Agni’s Medical Advisory Board 

We are seeking to add two additional Medical Advisors to support Agni in creating tasty healing foods and sharing wisdom and information about food healing. 

About Agni:

Agni is building a new product category: food-based remedies. We make the healing powers of food and herbs accessible to all, and in doing so offer new ways for consumers to take their health into their own hands. We develop all of our products in-house in collaboration with our Medical Advisory Board (a board that includes experts in Western, Functional and Integrative Medicine, Herbalism, Ayurveda, and Nutrition) and food geniuses so that they are effective as they are irresistible.

We spent 18 months developing products with our R&D chef and Medical Advisors before launching in  August 2020 with foods to support postpartum recovery, restful sleep, better periods, fertility, gut health, and immune health. Our roadmap for expansion is extensive, and subsequent product launches will include foods to support the prenatal journey, menopause transitions, cognitive function, colds and flus, surgery recovery, and much more.

We are constantly learning about the body’s capacity to heal itself, trading book recommendations, and swapping favorite recipes :) 


About the Opportunity:

We’re looking for practitioners who are passionate about the role that food and nutrition play in healing. 

In this role, you will, alongside other medical advisors, contribute to Agni’s product innovation pipeline, sharing research and information from your field about what foods and nutrients support various conditions. You’ll support Agni's efforts to spread awareness about the impact that food can have on recovery. You’ll collaborate with our marketing team to identify speaking opportunities where you might represent Agni on panels or other venues where you might be interviewed. You may also support our CEO by offering feedback and advice on her forthcoming book, “Fueling Your Agni: Feeding and Healing Yourself with Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science.”

Key Responsibilities and Activities:

Support Agni's marketing efforts to reach target audiences

Create or co-create educational resources around the topics that relate to our initial products (hormone balance, fertility, period health, postpartum support) to be shared with Agni’s community and/or your own community

List your role as a member of our Medical Advisory Board on LinkedIn 

Refer any other potential practitioners from your network if appropriate

Include name and photo on Agni’s Medical Advisory Board page

Engaging in public-facing appearances representing or on behalf of Agni

Contribute to future product innovation

Offer ingredient and nutrient recommendations for customers going through specific life moments (e.g. prenatal, menopause)

Offer feedback on existing products and product prototypes

Share studies and wisdom from discipline of expertise supporting ingredient and nutrient choices in products

Support editing of Fueling Your Agni (book currently in manuscript form)

Review Part II of Fueling Your Agni and offer suggestions for additions or modifications

Offer a quote for the book cover if requested

We Are Prioritizing Candidates Who:

Believe that food and nutrition are an integral part of healing.

Are comfortable speaking in public about the topic of food healing.

Have experience, wisdom, education, and training that contributes to their ability to support our innovation pipeline and creation or review of educational materials. This may be in the field of Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Herbalism, Ayurvedic Medicine, Nutrition, Integrative or Functional Medicine, or health coaching.

Are interested in or in the process of building their own audience and community around food healing, especially to support women’s health — better periods, fertility, pregnancy, and/or postpartum recovery.

Have 5+ years of experience practicing in their field. 

Compensation and Time Commitment:

We are open to collaborating to find a balance that feels great on both sides. Time commitment could range from 2-3 hours per month to 10-20 hours per month. 

We’re most excited to offer Medical Advisors compensation in the form of company equity, but for the right Advisor and level of commitment, we are also open to discussing a hybrid with cash compensation.

Our Promises to You:

We will:

Make space for and support your career and personal growth 

Uphold high standards of conduct and work with compassion 

Be honest and transparent with you 

Treat you with respect and generosity

We will surround you with teammates who: 

Communicate clearly, honestly, and with compassion 

Care deeply for our universe, our earth, animals, plants, and people

Welcome new ideas and information into their lives

Seek personal and professional growth

Have established forms of and/or are curious to discover and incorporate new forms of self care, reflection, and rejuvenation

Inspire those around them to be their best selves by constantly showing up as their best self

Are pursuing their career and personal goals and dreams with love and persistence 

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General Interest

There are no open roles at the moment, but stay tuned here for any hiring updates or feel free to send your interest to, including (1) why you’re excited about Agni and (2) a strength you’re excited to share with the team.

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