Agni is a new way to think about and to experience food.

We dream of a world where everyone can access foods that nourish them during important life moments. Foods that taste so good it’s almost impossible to believe they're healthy, let alone healing.

...So we’re doing it! We’re making foods that are both indulgent and healing.

We're here to fuel your Agni.

As individuals, we’ve struggled with debilitating allergies, painful periods, and prenatal bumps in the road that left us feeling depleted. We’ve watched our sisters struggle through postpartum recovery and our mothers struggle through menopause, often embarrassed to voice their symptoms and offered very few options for relief. 


We’ve spent (and watched our loved ones spend) a lot of resources — time, energy, and money — on every potential solution out there. We noticed that the food we ate always had an outsized impact on our recoveries. But finding information about healing through nutrition proved confusing and conflicting.


We kept hearing that less was better (less fat, fewer carbs, fewer calories), which we’ve learned firsthand is not always true for every body at every moment. In fact, the root cause of many ailments is nutrient deficiency. An emphasis on less deprives our bodies of critical nutrients that we need to live healthy, vibrant lives. 


Replenishing the right nutrients at the right time can work wonders for human health. It can balance hormones, shorten the length of surgery recovery, and help new moms produce a higher quantity and quality of breast milk. It can improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and even reverse cognitive decline. 


Our goal is collect all of the information and wisdom about healing through nutrition and to turn it into delectable healing foods.


To make this happen, we built a Medical Advisory Board and assembled a team of food geniuses to create foods and drinks that wow your body and your taste buds. 


We source organic, non-GMO ingredients and use the most sustainable packaging we can get our hands on. We do this because it’s good for our health, and because it supports the planet that supports us.


Every day at Agni, we’re working towards that dream of a world where everyone can access foods that nourish them during important life moments. A world where we can all live more vibrant and nourished lives.


This is a big mission and we would love your help! If you have questions, suggestions, or ideas, we’d love to hear and see them. You can catch us on Instagram @agniforall or shoot us an email at


Thank you for supporting Agni — we can’t wait to meet you!



Astrid + Mir

Co-Founders of Agni

P.S. —

Ayurveda defines Agni as "digestive fire" in Sanskrit. It is used to describe the processes by which food is broken down, absorbed, and becomes us. One interesting modern concept that gives more tangibility to the concept of Agni is “the microbiome,” or “gut health.” Modern researchers are now able to observe and describe the microbiology behind why gut health is so important to overall health — something Ayurveda has been teaching for thousands of years through underscoring the importance of the digestive fire. When it comes to health and the body, we’ve noticed that this is a recurring theme: increasingly, new scientific discoveries are validating ancient knowledge. Different words, same observations. We’re especially proud of creating products that are informed by the shared findings of ancient wisdom and modern science.

To read more about the shared findings of different healing disciplines, check out some of our favorite posts in All Good Things or get to know our Medical Advisory Board.