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Why we created products to support specific life moments

There is a lot of excitement around personalized medicine these days. The idea is that through genetic testing and other lab tests, we can tailor health recommendations at an extremely personalized level. In fact, when we first began dreaming of a company that could support healing through food, we fantasized about using genetic and blood samples from customers to create personalized food and nutrient recommendations. Yes, you read that right — actual biological samples!

While this is an exciting field of research, we ultimately were destined for a different path. Once we assembled our Medical Advisory Board with experts from a range of disciplines (e.g. Western Medicine, Ayurveda, Hydration, Holistic Nutrition, and Herbalism), we had a big realization: The body is already providing so much information about what it needs — we just need to learn to listen! When someone experiences a health challenge, the symptoms themselves can be incredibly revealing about the way the body is imbalanced and compromised. These clues hold many answers about how we can support the body in regaining balance and overall health. By listening to these clues, we design foods that we believe can offer real support for specific health moments — without the need for lab testing. 

You may be wondering how we were able to reconcile advice across a number of disciplines in order to create foods to support specific moments. Let’s look at someone struggling with period-related acne. Western Medicine relates the cause to an imbalance of hormones in the body, specifically estrogen and progesterone, and Western Medicine practitioners often work with patients to correct the imbalance. Ayurveda states that the acne may be caused by elevated pitta, and Ayurvedic practitioners recommend pitta-pacifying foods and activities. Traditional Chinese Medicine may attribute the acne to an excess of heat and dampness, or yang, and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners will recommend yin-supportive foods and behaviors.

We believe that all three approaches are correct. In fact, we believe that all three disciplines are largely saying the same thing! When we asked our Medical Advisory Board for their recommendations for period-related acne, they produced overlapping recommendations: 1) Consume seeds, like flax seeds, that are high in lignans. These provide a type of phytoestrogen that works to balance hormones; 2) Consume light, nutrient-rich foods like soups, rice, lentils, and vegetables, without too much oil or salt; 3) Seek to pacify stress with gentle, calming activities like walking, yoga, and meditation. Period-related acne is just one of many examples where we saw overlapping solutions across disciplines. There are many recommendations we can cite from each health discipline based on an individual’s life moment, all without taking a single lab test! 

This powerful, non-invasive way to offer specific recommendations that support overall health and healing is accessible and empowering, and it is core to our mission at Agni. We hope you'll experience these recommendations in action for yourself with our products. We've started off focusing on foods and drinks to support postpartum recovery, periods, menopause, sleep, gut health, and immune health.

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