What is pregnancy brain and what foods can help

What is pregnancy brain?

Many expecting mamas find it harder to remember certain things when they are pregnant: anything from the name of an acquaintance to where you last saw your keys to what was on your to-do list for the day. There is research to back up why this might happen: the structure of brain matter changes so distinctly in pregnancy that researchers who know what to look for can identify with 100% accuracy whether or not someone has had a baby just by looking at a brainscan. 

Why do expecting mamas experience pregnancy brain? 

During pregnancy, there is an initiation reduction in gray matter. This is likely triggered by the precise combination of new hormones coursing through the body. The leading hypothesis on why this happens is so that the brain can reform with increased priority to the centers of the brain that focus on caregiving, attachment, and empathy. This comes at a temporary cost of small memory lapses as the brain tries to make “room” for new skills and information.  


What can I do to support my brain through pregnancy?

Changes to the brain are inevitable, but by supporting overall health in the form of hormone balance and nutrient density, every mama-to-be can support her brain in transforming into the strongest version of its new self. One way to do this is through nutrient-dense food intended for pregnancy. 

What are top foods and herbs to consume for pregnancy brain?

Conveniently, the foods, herbs, and nutrients that are already recommended to support baby’s development and mama’s health are also going to support healthy brain function. A deficiency in these nutrients, by contrast, could make it more challenging for the body and brain to function properly. Three great foods for any pregnant person to incorporate into their routine are:


Chia seeds: chia seeds are high in omega 3s, which are celebrated by modern researchers for having neuroprotective properties. Consuming enough omega 3 fatty acids is important for baby’s brain development and mama’s brain transformation. 

Red Raspberry Leaf: Red Raspberry Leaf contains Vitamins A, C, E, as well as B vitamins. It contains antioxidants that support cellular processes that ultimately impact brain function. This is commonly recommended by herbalists in pregnancy for its tonifying effects on the uterus. 

Chickpeas: chickpeas are high in folate, which is a key nutrient that pregnant women can become depleted in because of the high need for this nutrient in growing a baby. 

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  • No artificial sweeteners
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