It Takes A Village: The Importance of Supporting Mama Friends After They Have a New Baby

Writted by, Lauryn Mandryk and Lindsey McCaleb, Co-Founders of Nurtured 9.


Nurtured 9 is a women-owned online shop for thoughtfully curated gift boxes with luxe, elevated essentials and clean beauty for expectant and new Moms. Our mission is to help Moms-to-be and new Mamas feel more loved and supported, and to help them prioritize their own self-care during pregnancy and postpartum.


The age old saying, "it takes a village", may get thrown around in jest, as we chat about just how much work life with a newborn is. But, the amount of support that new Moms need is no laughing matter! Caring for and helping out the new Mama is not a luxury, it's a necessity; and we are here to help guide you on just what she needs during this precious time.


When a friend has a baby, she’s likely facing a complete whirlwind of emotions, ranging from utter elation and joy (“I can’t believe I’m a Mom!) to overwhelming anxiety (“I have no idea what I’m doing!”) . And then of course the exhaustion from sleep deprivation builds and builds. On top of that, not only is she caring for baby, she is also recovering from the ultimate test of strength and endurance: labor, delivery and possibly surgery. Her physical and mental health is truly being pushed to its limit and whether or not she wants to admit it, she would love some help! 


So how can you help and support a new Mom with a newborn?

In our opinion, the best thing to do is find ways to take care of your friend and “mother” HER! Make sure she feels supported – physically and emotionally - as she adjusts to her new role. 

We found that while there were a million resources on caring for baby, there was a glaring lack of resources on how to care for Mama, which is why we created Nurtured 9 as a place to do just that...nurture the mom.

If you aren't able to visit and help her in person, we are here to help you send her some love. It's important to remind her to take time for herself. Nurtured 9 gift boxes are thoughtfully curated to comfort, soother and encourage Mama to break for self-care. 


Agni Postpartum Cookies make a fantastic addition to all of our postpartum bundles and are showcased in the Nurtured 9 Peaceful Postpartum Gift Box. Here the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Postpartum Cookies are paired with some of our other favorite cozy-up items, like cushy slippers, reparative tea, soothing candle and sweetly sentimented "Moment for Mama" matches. 


 Some of our other favorite postpartum and new Mom items that often get grouped into bundles with the Agni Cookies are nipple butter, a Nurtured 9 delivery robe, our Just for You Mama Water Bottle, Sitz Bath, a V-Cool Gel Pack and Peri Bottle


If you are lucky enough to be close, geographically, to her so that you can give a visit, we have a slew of go-to ideas on how to give Mama a hand! (Side note: it never hurts to bring her some of the pampering items we mentioned...she would love to get a gift just for her during this time she is so focused on baby!)

First, schedule it, do NOT swing by!


Then, here’s what you can do while you’re there:

  • Let her nap! Offer to hold the baby while she rests. (Or if the baby is sleeping, let her nap while you do some chores)
  • Offer to hold her baby so she can take a shower or eat a meal
  • Wash any dishes that are in the sink and load/unload the dishwasher
  • Put in a load of dirty laundry and fold any clean clothes that have accumulated
  • Prepare a few snacks or meals for Mom (chop up veggies or fruit she has in the fridge)
  • Make her a hot cup of tea that she can sip in between baby feedings
  • Refill the new mom's water bottle if she is breastfeeding and grab her a hand-held snack (like a bar) while you’re at it
  • If she has older children, play with them! Make them feel special. Take them for a walk or to the playground.
  • Perhaps the best idea that we hear time and time again from our Mama: BRING FOOD! And be mindful of her preferences, allergies, etc. If she doesn't want visitors, leave it at her doorstep—she will be so appreciative!


Finally, we love encouraging a new mom to embrace self-care during those first few weeks and months, reminding her that it’s 100% okay to take a few minutes just for herself, without the baby. Guilt free. All thanks to her Mom Village! 


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