From Agni HQ: The Values that Shape the Agniverse

Welcome to the Agniverse! We’re so glad you’re here. Our team is excited to share more with our community about the ideas and practices that come together to shape this cherished space, which encompasses the multitude of people, beliefs, memories, experiences, stories, feelings, tastes, and foods that come together to make up Agni.      

One of the first things that we prioritized when building our team at Agni was identifying, defining, and putting words to our values. We aspired to a place where our values would: 

  • Offer meaningful direction when making tough decisions and examining priorities 
  • Provide shared language to positively reinforce certain behaviors (values-aligned) and offer clear boundaries to discourage certain behaviors
  • Reflect how we wanted to interact with each other, our external partners, and our community
  • Be remembered and referenced in day-to-day life! 

When I (Anna, Head of People Ops) joined the team, I started looking around for inspiration to capture these values. Our cofounders had already prepared some “guiding principles'' for how they worked together and hoped the team would work together in an onboarding presentation they’d made. I quickly realized that these were actually a living and breathing first draft of our values.

We created a resource with more on how we came up with this draft (and how you can too!)

With a little additional editing, the three of us came to a list that guides us, and that we to turn to at any time (and return to often!) to ground, unite, and drive us. 


People are whole, complex, and unique: 

We honor and care for the bodies, minds, and spirits of all members of the Agniverse (ourselves, our teammates, our partners, and our customers). We engage with one another beyond transactional work and take self care seriously. We believe that what’s best for our teammates and what’s best for Agni are the same thing, since well cared for people make great companies.

How we live it: 

  • We take time to care for ourselves and celebrate when our colleagues do the same so that we can all contribute our best to the company. 
  • We engage in one another’s lives and beliefs with curiosity. 
  • We make products with nutrients that are nourishing for the body and tastes that are nourishing for the soul.  
  • We recognize that all bodies are different; what’s good for me might be different than what’s good for others.

What it looks and feels like when this value is not upheld:

  • Pressuring others to work beyond their limits. 
  • Judging the interests, actions, or decisions of others.
  • Suggesting that customers need to eat or omit certain foods to be healthy.   

Energy is real: 

We believe that the energy that we put out into the world has impact, and for that reason, we nurture and direct our energy with intentionality. 

How we live it: 

  • We take time to consider the outcomes of our actions before we act. 
  • We pause and reflect about the energy we are bringing to a space as well as what we need in a given moment to be our best selves.
  • We send strength and warmth to our customers to support them in different life moments. 

What it looks and feels like when this value is not upheld:

  • Powering through a conversation or experience without recognizing how we’re showing up.  
  • Making choices without considering their impact on individuals within our community.  


Language leads to reality:

We believe that words have the power to shape our environment and relationships. As a result, we revere language and use words with care. 

How we live it:

  • We approach conversations (especially difficult ones) with kindness. 
  • We revel in the power and beauty of food.  

What it looks and feels like when this value is not upheld:

  • Using words to undermine others and their contributions.  
  • Marking foods or others’ food philosophies as bad or wrong. 


Trust is greater than fear: 

Agni is only as strong as the community we build. Trust is a core tenet of strong relationships while fear, alternatively, sows individualism and apathy. For this reason, Agni depends heavily on trust. 

How we live it:

  • We hold ourselves accountable, and ask the same of others.
  • We think of managers as coaches and direct reports as players.
  • We invite our customers to trust their bodies.  

What it looks and feels like when this value is not upheld:

  • Blaming others and shirking accountability.
  • Sowing guilt or resentment instead of talking through conflicts.
  • Assuming that we don’t know what’s best for ourselves and our bodies.  


How is greater than what and when: 

We turn to this value most often because of its all-encompassing nature. How we get things done is just as important as what we do and when we get them done. The way that we conduct ourselves has an impact on what we produce, and so we do so thoughtfully.  

How we live it: 

  • We practice empathy, respect, and integrity in everything we do. Work successes in the absence of these qualities are failures. 
  • We believe that how we make our products is more important than how they are received by others. This means that we take care to ensure that our products are environmentally sustainable and that we treat our partners with kindness.
  • We celebrate failed projects that were completed in line with our values. 

What it looks and feels like when this value is not upheld:

  • Sacrificing our values in service of getting something done faster.
  • Moving forward with an action that doesn’t feel right.

Having these values at our fingertips has deepened our team’s connection to and understanding of the Agniverse in so many ways. So far, they’ve helped us identify meaningful goals, give and receive feedback in service of growth, address conflicts, celebrate wins, and give meaning to evening the teensiest tasks.  

We’ll share ways in which these values shape our policies and practices in future blog posts. For starters, you can check out our piece about how we choose trust over fear in our management philosophy and pay structure; we’re excited to see how they’ll continue to carry us in the direction of our dreams as Agni grows and scales.

We hope that you enjoy connecting with our values and to hear from you! Do any of these resonate on your own team(s), big, small, personal, or professional? Do you have any questions about creating or applying your company values? Let us know at or on Instagram at @agniforall.     

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