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Chrissie’s New Mom Box

“It feels like there’s a constant flooding of baby presents with a newborn, so when a box actually came with my name on it l was FLOORED! My husband and I opened the box together because it felt so special. It was so much fun picking up each product and getting excited about all of the health benefits. The Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies were our favorite right away — we felt like we were seriously ‘treating ourselves’ while we were also doing something amazing for our bodies and for our baby! Everything I ate and drank in that box tasted even more amazing and felt even more nourishing, because I knew it was also directly benefiting my baby. It’s the ultimate win win.

The Tulsi Cinnamon Tea became my favorite daily ritual — I’d put a little dollop of honey into my mug and sip on the tea for an hour each day and it felt so peaceful.

The Sesame Nori Seasoning was the real sneak attack! I’m not a huge new seasoning adventurer, but once I started using it, I had to start rationing it. I also learned to hide it from my husband ASAP, because he wouldn’t stop pouring it on everything. We put it on whatever we’re eating now — it makes all our meals twice more delicious!”


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