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"If you think your friend who just gave birth will eat a cookie before they swallow a handful of supplements, this is the perfect subscription box for them. Agni makes foods that are both healing and delicious."

"This Mama Box is perfect for a postpartum health journey. The ingredients in these yummy treats holistically support breast milk production, hormone changes, and mood."

"These delicious vegan products are all produced by independent brands with meaningful missions. Agni is a woman-founded brand that creates vegan boxes packed with foods and ingredients."


Calming and helps me with better sleep

This is an excellent, calming tea, and I love that I can drink it in the morning and/or the evening. The quality of my sleep has improved!


I have been on birth control pills for 16 years to “treat” my irregular periods and the pain that came with them. I’m so excited I found these products, and can naturally help get my hormones back on track without taking any more synthetic hormones.

The Best

It’s kind of crazy but these cookies have helped me become more regular in my cycle. It’s the perfect treat when chocolate cravings kick in, and I found that I had less cramping than I usually do during my cycle. Also, more mild PMS symptoms. I can really feel the calming effects of the ashwagandha and they are the perfect amount of sweetness for my palate.


These lactation cookies taste great and I love that they are vegan! Since eating 2-3 per day over the past week, I have noticed an improvement in my milk supply and my baby’s satisfaction when nursing. Also, the prompt shipping was an added bonus!

Created with a Medical Advisory Board

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Made from only good things. Always.

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About Agni —


We are a food healing company that makes cookies, teas, and seasonings to support women through all stages of the reproductive health continuum.

Our cookies, teas, and seasonings are designed to replenish nutrients women are most often depleted in and to support hormone balance, better periods, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and menopause. We infuse science and wisdom in all we do in collaboration with experts in Western Medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine,
Herbalism, and Holistic Nutrition.

In addition to creating nourishing foods, we are committed to offering mental, emotional, and spiritual nourishment that we crave alongside edible nourishment.


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